Thursday, 12 November 2015

Exorcist-Errant; a custom background for 5e and The Last Day Dawned.

Exorcist-Errant You wandered the high and lonely roads of Audenfeyr, ministering to those who had passed on. With force of will and goodly intent, you sent souls on to their final rest. Perhaps you were born with a morbid fixation; perhaps necessity forced you to hone this craft. Regardless, although the smallfolk fear you, they huddle to hear your voice when things go bump in the night. Of late, the weight of deaths has made your task Sisyphean and ghosts crawl like termites in the bones of the world. 

Skills: Religion, Diplomacy or Arcana (choose two).
 Tools: An Exorcist’s Kit (a holy symbol, candles and religious texts detailing rituals for exorcism and appropriate herbs and salt). (Grants proficiency to any Exorcism check, knowledge roles pertaining to spirits or fiends and saving throws versus possession). 
 Equipment: A set of travelling clothes, an Exorcist’s Kit, a pouch containing 25gp and a sentimental token from a spirit you exorcised.
 Languages: Choose one extra of Celestial, Abyssal or Infernal.
 Feature: I see dead people: On any Perception, Insight or knowledge roll related to haunting or possession you have advantage.

Personality Trait
1 - I have a morbid fixation. All the living are ghosts-to-be.
2 - I am stoic and reserved in the face of horrors unimaginable.
3 – I live for laughter and love. I live in the moment!
4 – My predilection for rituals has made me obsessive and superstitious.
 5 – My faith is the bright fire that scours a broken world. 6 – I am fatalistic. All is dust and death and doom.

1 – All souls have a right to just reward. I must be tireless in moving the dead on.
2 – The dead are a menace. They should be cast out and sent on as soon as possible. (Chaotic)
3 – The cure for a plague of ghosts is a life well lived – we must seek satisfaction for mortal ills anyway we can. (Good)
4 – The faithful must lead the flock. The gods gave you wisdom and the duty to exercise it. (Lawful) 5 – Kings, emperors and ancient magi – all enter as mewling babes and leave as souls unblemished. Why should some wear a crown and some toil? (Chaotic)
 6 – I have a gift and a need for coin. I brave dangers others quail at – I deserve wealth, power and respect. (Evil).

1 – I resent my power and my station. I wish I was free of this burden. (Chaotic)
2 – I secretly wish to transcend death utterly. I don’t want to be reduced to a spectre.
3 – I despise those who live empty lives and end up as wraiths. (Evil).
4 – I suffer from bouts of deep depression. There is no hope for mortals.
5 – I learnt to exorcise ghosts because so many died at my hand. I am haunted.
6 – I am a charlatan – my whole craft is a masquerade. I know nothing about the undead.

1 – There is a spirit in my past I can never sate or exorcise; a loved one who died. I search for a means to appease their tortured soul.
2 – The Great Wheel must turn – I will combat necromancy wherever I find it.
3 – I owe my craft to an institution or individual who trained me. I am loyal to them ‘til the bitter end. 4 – Some day, I’ll master magic enough to fix the world.
5 – I am pious and goodly; my faith is my armour.
6 – I seek to live a perfect life and pass unblemished into the heavens.

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