Sunday, 7 August 2016

North Corner: Loquista Session 1

This is the first session on the current chapter of the campaign devoted to overthrowing the Despot Teshei,a  Rakshasa who rules over a city in the campaign world with an iron fist. This post will help you with any names or details.

The Party
Arouk, A Goliath Warlock, compacted to the positive plane itself.
Eoghuan, a Dwarven Druid and member of the Order of the Resplendent Star.

The party met with Three Times Jack, their contact in the resistance,  and the two new members of their revolutionary cell: Kavarus.  (Tiefling Valour Bard revolutionary) and Vaina Moiyen (Fighter/Barbarian revolutionary). 
They briefly discussed - with liberal misuse of the gavel* - their plans for revolution. The first stage involved murdering those members of the Watch who were most cruel to their underlings to inspire the populace that rebellion was possible.
To that end, they met three of the most infamous lackeys of the Despot in the Black Swan Brothel (More commonly referred to as the Mucky Duck) and got them good and drunk with the help of Elszebet, the Madame. A sex worker (politically correct!) named Melinele assisted them with their plot to lure the guards into an alleyway, where they felt Arouk's Greatsword firsthand.
The three corpses were marked with the symbol of The Sons of Loquista, a shark, and hurled into the street to be discovered.
When morning arrived, a Wild Shaped Eoghuan spied that the corpses had been removed by first light...
The second phase involved gaining entry to the Grand Masquerade Ball in two days time to conspire with the Council of Ten. Kavoros met with Chancellor Radoslig, and agreed to help him combat Grand Marshal Tyruk ("an infamous pillow-biter") at a later-date. He was granted entry for himself and one other in Radoslig's company, provided he was suitably attired. He hinted that he would need funds for such clothing: "You no doubt will." said Radoslig, returning to his work and dismissing Kavarus. 
To gain entry for the other party members, the Heroes of North Corner vowed to test their strength in the Cathedral of Teeth; Loquista's gladitorial arena. After vanquishing The Grand Guignoll** and his underlings with aplomb they earned the respect of the Mistress of Ceremonies, Zamira. Zamira then offered them the chance to challenge Leng Shun, the Arena's erstwhile champion: a prodigious water-drake of phenomenal power. After intense combat in shark-infested waters, Leng Shun acknowledged defeat and the Heroes of North Corner were the darlings of the blood-thirsty Loquistan mob.
They briefly met with Zamira in her training-room, detecting her enchanted sword and necklace as objects of considerable power. Clunky attempts to conspire with the Mistress of Ceremonies revealed her to be a fanatical loyality to the Despot Teshei with little interest in the politics of the Ten. Arouk's attempts to seduce her were somewhat held aback by the fact that Zamira prefers the rose to the thorns.
On the cusp of the Grand Masquerade, we drew the session to a close.
"The old world is dying; the new world struggles to be born - now is a time of monsters." Antonio Gramsci, 1933.
Villains Vanquished: 8
Dragons humbled: 1
Lesbians turned: 0
Treasure acquired:
2600 GP Arena prize money
18GP from rifling through the guard's pockets

*Our gaming club has an enormous meeting-room for the local committee. We steal the gavel weekly.
** This was a Gnoll puppeteer. I really like puns, ok? 

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