Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Warforged for Into The Gloom - The Alloyed [5e]

 1. mix (metals) to make an alloy.
"alloying tin with copper to make bronze"

2. debase (something) by adding something inferior.
"a salutary fear alloyed their admiration"

With the release of Ebberron, I thought I'd give a riff on Warforged for The Gloom campaign. I've tried to make them feel very different from mortal characters - especially in a survival-focused game like The Gloom.

The Alloyed, The Talosophic
 From the Imperial Punishment Factories they creep back into every walk of life: The Alloyed. Men of steam, and steel, and brass. On metallic feet they click along, lungs and hearts working in tandem with steam-pipes; oil-black ichor mixing in uneasy communion with scarlet blood. Under metallic shells run the same tendons and ligaments as mortal men, and many Alloyed claim they are the same as any Unalloyed. Others hint at a permanent chill, the unshakable sensation of a phantom limb, occasional unwarranted movement of mechanical parts; a sense of ticking purpose and dreadful ennui.

The Alloyed are a race made to represent those who, willingly or otherwise, have replaced a considerable part of their bodies with machinery. These indomitable creatures have been packed off to The Gloom in numbers – whether this is due to their utility or expendability is anyone’s guess

The Alloyed/The Talosophic
Ability Score Increase:
Your strength and constitution increase by one.
Size:  The Alloyed are wedded enough to their mortal form to be Medium.
Speed: Your movement is a little ungainly: your base walking speed is 20”.
Organs of Steel and Steam: You do not eat or drink mortal food, and lack of sleep does not cause you exhaustion. However, you must refuel yourself daily with Ichor and become paralysed if immersed in water. You may not gain the benefit from magical healing.
Languages: You speak Common and one additional language of your choice.

Subtype: Choose one of the below subtypes that best reflects your method of construction and purpose.

Walking Fortress:  You are made with innate armour: an indomitable steel shell cocooning your mortal parts. You gain +1 AC and take one less damage from non-magical piercing, bludgeoning and slashing attacks.
Robota: You were made for hard and tedious labour unsuited to those limited to flesh. Gain +1 strength. Part of your body is a tool (hammer, saw, axe etc) which deals 1d6 + STR damage as a weapon you are proficient with.
Nerves of Steel: You have had much of your lymph nodes and nervous system stripped away, and you feel your emotions only as far away things, of little consequence. You gain advantage on saves against being frightened and the charmed condition. You gain +1 Wisdom.

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