Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lizardfolk Race (5e homebrew)

I see those presumptuous coastal wizards have finally got round to releasing playable Lizardfolk. Some of us have had playable Lizardfolk for ages, here's my take:

Lizardfolk are the scaled denizens of the swamps, mires and lowlands of Damesht. These creatures rarely leave their homes to adventure, and are thus considered oddities in most civilised regions, especially as their civilization lacks the refinement of other races: a contempt for luxury and a Stoic outlook have made them content to fish, hunt and praise their gods as they have for millennia. Most Lizardfolk are Rangers, Clerics or Druids.

Lizardfolk Traits
Ability Score Increase:
Your Constitution Score increases by 2 and your Wisdom Score increase by 1.
Age: Lizardfok reach maturity around the age of ten, and generally live to thirty or forty. This may be due to the stresses of their prelapsarian lifestyle, however.
Alignment: Lizardfolk communities revere tradition, custom and individuals, and do not have formal laws or government, and thus tend to be Chaotic. Lizardfolk fall fairly evenly on the Good-Evil axis.
Size: Lizardfolk are roughly human in size, and are thus Medium.
Speed: Your base walking and swimming speed are both 30ft.
Scaled Skin: Any damage you take from nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing or slashing is reduced by 3.
Languages: Lizardfolk do not have their own tongue, and may speak one of Draconic, Common, Goblinoid or Elvish.

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