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Magic Weapons! (5e Homebrew)

If you play in my campaign, please don't read this. You're only cheating yourself.

I really dig magic weapons, I like them an absurd amount and make them endlessly, and have to keep myself form Monty Hall-ing my Player Characters.

One reason I dig them is they're a great segway into the world's history and can form the basis of an adventure themselves.  If you tell your players about the ancient wars between the Giants and the Elves, they won't listen to you. If you give them an enchanted longsword inhabited by the spirit of an Elf-supremacist aristocrat which can grow in strength by slaying giants, they may stop deleting those emails you send full of setting details. Ditto doling out exposition through Speak With Dead or any other player-originated tool.

In short, never tell your players any exposition. Make them work for it or listen to dead Elf racists.

These magic weapons, being from my game-world, have a tonne of lore which you can file off and replace, which I have left in for flavour reasons.

Short Sword * Finesse Weapon

Heedless is a sentient silver short-sword with a brass hilt. The blade is engraved to resemble a feather. On the hilt is carved I AM HEEDLESS; BREAKER OF BONDS, SOVEREIGN OF DUST.

There is nowhere I fear to tread.: Once per day, you may choose to deal Radiant damage with any attack using Heedless. Additionally, Heedless may make an attack action without your consent once per day. This need not occur on your turn.
Thousand-Lifetimes-of-Duelling: Whilst wielding Heedless, your proficiency bonus with the Short Sword is doubled.
No Man Can Tame Me: Only female characters – or those characters who have no gender – may carry or wield Heedless.

Heedless can only be wielded by a hero of its choice and it will reject heroes who it feels do not mesh with its interests.
Heedless adores liberty, the wind, women, violence, water, flight, vengeance, honour and speed.
Heedless detests tyranny, the earth, peace, patriarchy, age, masculinity, lycanthropes and the undead.

Secret: Heedless contains a part of the fallen angel Heedless. If placed in water, Heedless will point to the nearest other part. Revealed on a 22 Religion or History check.  Assembling all parts will allow you to resurrect Heedless


Greatsword * 2d6
The sword is a single hilt of bone. The blade is not visible. When held aloft in darkness, a series of glowing runes are visible on the blade. In Infernal, they read: THE GREATEST WARRIOR FIGHTS AS THOUGH ALREADY DEAD.
Stillness: Once per day, the wielder of Voidwalker may use his move action to make an additional attack with Voidwalker.
Brightest Candle, Longest Shadow:  If the wielder of Voidwalker hits 0 hit-points, they may instead choose to stay standing at 1hp and gain a random curse.

Arcana (22) Voidwalker is cursed and will compel the owner to accept any offer of a duel as though under the Geas spell.

A History (25) will reveal Voidwalker to have been the sword of Musashi, who founded the Dameshti Swordfighting college that offers the swan-pendant for excellence in combat. Musashi was gifted Voidwalker by a representative of Dispater after triumphing in 66 duels to the death. A great reward would be offered if it was returned to the College.

A History (28) check will reveal Voidwalker to have been recently in the ownership of Sejuren. Aware of a curse on the artefact, he gave it as a gift to Tyruk. Not trusting Sejuren, Tyruk gave it as a gift to Lomorit.

Religion (28) will reveal that Voidwalker is supposed to be wielded by a Herald (The Dancer in the Darkness) of the end of the world according to Order orthodoxy. To that end, they want the sword to destroy it.

Rapier * Finesse Weapon
Whisper is an enchanted sword cane. As such, it can be concealed as a walking stick. The pommel and hand-guard resemble the mouth of a serpent.
Bonuses: Even if drawn - and pressed against the throat of a foe – opponents will not recognise Whisper as a weapon unless actually attacked.
Once per day, Whisper can inflict the Paralysis condition on an opponent (DC 15 CON save. Save ends.)

Greatsword. * 2d6
I SPIT THUNDER WITH A TONGUE LIKE MYTH is written up the blade in Giantish.

Dunorbrandr may cast Thunderclap on a successful attack once per day. Instead of the usual sound of thunder, the weapon will simply roar DUNORBRANDR. Dunorbrandr deals lighting damage and stuns on a critical.

Secret: History 16 to reveal that Dunorbrandr once belonged to DRANG-WHO-ROARS, a Giant king who fought the first Elven Emperor of Damesht. If DUNORBRANDR is used to kill an Elf, it will reawaken, and speak to its owner.

Secret: History 22 to reveal that the Giant Chiefs in Zunia greatly desire the sword and will come for whoever wields it.  

Longbow * 1d8
This bow is made of springy ash-white wood, and is intricately carved with an Aarakocra creation story, featuring the first male Aarakocra being born from a thunderbolt striking a man. The second image features him wearing a crown of thunderbolts and roaring. The third shows him prostrating before an unseen figure.

It grants the ability to fire an arrow once per day which functions as the Thunderbolt spell, as an attack action.

A History (22) will reveal that this bow has a sister, Firtina, which features the other half of the creation story. Both are important relics of Aarakocra culture and their return would be highly sought. 

Ghost-Tamer Staff
This staff is wooden, and along it, totem-like, are carved faces snarling and roaring.

A Religion (18) check will reveal that this is an Exorcist’s Staff, and will grant +2 to any roll pertaining to an exorcism or binding of an extraplanar spirit.

A Religion (26) check will reveal that the staff itself contains the spirits of minor celestials. They are the ancestors of the original wielder and can be communicated with by the wielder but are under no obligation to be truthful, helpful or polite. 

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