Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Loquista Session Six - "Reaping the Whirlwind".

Reaping the Whirlwind

Dramatis Personae
Callie, Halfling Demon-hunter (Ranger)
Shousa, Lizardfolk Elder (Ranger)
Vaina Moiynen, Half Orc Thug (Barbarian)
Kavarus, Tiefling Cloak-and-Dagger man (Bard)
Landar Farsheild, Half-Elven Assassin (Rogue/Fighter/Warlock)

The Heroes of North Corner set about ehir next plan: they would rely on Three Times Jack to fabricate an order implicating Grand Marshall Tyruk in an assassination of Dean Cerelesta – hoping this would result in further fighting between the Tyruk and Sejuren-supporting factions in the Despotate, and ideally weaken Sejuren’s dominance in the Council of Nine.

After a brief fight in the arena where they made short work of a rival adventuring party from Zunia, they began to plan their attack on the University tower. Reconnaissance came in two forms – Kavarus using his Disguise Self to uncover a series of trapped steps in the tower as a failsafe, and Shousa inhabiting the sense of minor insects to see that an aerial support on the tower faced a powerful static cloud. They knew Cerelesta was a mage of considerable power as well as a Cambion with the ability to fly or beguile mortals.

The plan: Callie, Vaina and Shousa would enter under false pretences and position themselves as best they could, signalling for Kavarus in Giant Eagle form to strike Cerelesta whilst carrying Landar to prevent an airborne escape.

After an unconvincing bird cry, Kavarus flew through a window, magically resisting the static cloud. Landar’s deadly swords flashed, dropping a flurry of deadly sneak attacks on the frail Cambion. Cerelesta unleashed her Dimension Door, positioning herself at a  distance to gain her vengeance, not realising her current guests were in league with her assassilants. Vaina Moiynen convinced her of her mistake, viciously cutting her with Voidwalker as he flew into a rage.  The swarm of imps that accompanied the fiendish witch covered him, ant-like, and stung relentless, and Vaina roared in pain at the sheer number of stings, breaking through even his iron constitution with infernal poison.

With the force of a hurricane, winds flooded out of the portal and assailed our heroes and imp alike, and Cerelesta’s ally, Hazik, Knight of the Nine Winds, a mighty air elemental, strode forth to do battle. Cerelesta quickly conquered Landar’s mind with Dominate Person, and set his knives-for-hire at Vaina’s back. Shousa and her undead servant Zathras set to cutting down the imps as tornado winds flung the party around the room, growing ever stronger.

As the battle wore on, Cerelesta leapt the window, choosing instead to assail the party from the open air as the Elemental Plane of Air disgorged its fury in the tower. Landar, freed of his mental dominion, attempted to leap the window and cut her down. A leap of faith.

Faith misplaced – Landar plummeted downwards and was only saved by Kavarus’s quick wits and quicker wings. Shousa’s deadly scythe eviscerated Hazik, and imps fell like corn before the thresher as the party rallied. It was Callie’s well-placed arrow that ended Cerelesta as she flew to the window to strike once again with a Fireball. A single arrow through the eye, and Loquista was ruled by a Council of Eight.

Cerelesta’s once composed self rocketed to the roof off the university, her bones shattering like glass. Landar and Kavarus scaled the tower’s exterior to loot her magical treasures – and the party loaded up on fine opiates before fleeing the scene of their second high-profile Loquistan assassination. In his haste to claim the accoutrements of Loquista’s premiere sorceress, Kavarus slipped, and got an impressive scar to show the more daring ladies of the Mucky Duck Tavern.

“I never let going to school interfere with my education.” Mark Twain.

Villains Vanquished: 16.
Pensioners Mugged: 1.
Dramatic Rescues: 1.
 - A ring of the Cult of Ourboros.
- A glass earring.
- A collection of hallucinogenic opiates.
- A pendant.

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